About California Construction Insurance Trust

Eliminate your staff’s time spent dealing with:

  • FMLA
  • Form 5500
  • DOL regulations for hour and dollar banks in prevailing wage/Davis-Bacon work.

The above plus many other regulatory requirements of you as the employer are dealt with by the Trust administration and legal overview by a Trust law firm. The law firm as well as the administrator have extensive background in ERISA, DOL regulations including prevailing wage questions and service.

The above are all part of your premium per employee cost. The Trust employs a professional plan administrator to answer your questions and your employee questions. The Attorney for the Trust is there to help the Trustees assure that all IRS, DOL, ERISA and ACA regulation are followed.

This concentration of knowledge and protocols means a shift in liability from you, the employer, to the Trust which owns all the contracts for medical, dental, vision and life as well as any other ancillary products. The Trustees become the fiduciaries, not you.

The Trustees carry fiduciary liability insurance, as well as an ERISA bond for financial problems, and the Plan administrator carries Errors & Emissions to protect the Trust and the employees.

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