Contractor Damages On The Job And Insurance Claims

What do you think will happen if a contractor would damage your home during renovation? Did you know that homeowner's insurance can pay for repairs? In some cases, this is possible and likely to happen. But it is also likely for some home insurance policies not to offer any coverage over damages done by contractors working on your home. For example, poor workmanship may not be covered. Thus, the imperious need to only hire professional and experienced repairmen and contractors with many positive reviews. Want to know more on the topic? Here is an overview of how different scenarios you may deal with in the future, along with recommendations on how to deal with them.

What To Do In Case Of Improper WorkmanshipCommercial Locksmith services

  • Poor workmanship means a contractor doing a lousy job at fixing or installing rooftops, shingles, or locks on the doors. If you think that your homeowners insurance will cover the damage, you might want to think again. The truth is the standard insurance policy does not include faulty or improper workmanship. So your only solution will be to get in touch with the contractor and ask them to perform additional repairs, or replace the broken shingles or locks on the doors.

  • If you have used a local office locksmith service for your commercial needs, chances are you have dealt with professional authorized, licensed, and insured/bonded technicians. Their work is usually covered by insurance and guaranteed, and it should be a lot easier to ask them to fix whatever they may have broken in the process.

  • By hiring a reputable repairman or locksmith up front, you should be able to protect yourself against such problems. However, keep in mind some types of repair or renovation jobs can be quite unpredictable, and you will need to be prepared for anything that might be coming your way.

  • Check with the BBB and your state licensing agencies before hiring someone to perform a repair or renovation job at home. Run proper professional background checks, read reviews online, and do everything in your power to only allow trustworthy people in your home.

Coverage In Case Of Accident

If a repairman accidentally causes a house fire, you should be able to use your homeowners insurance policy to pay for the repairs. Your insurer could also get in touch with the contractor's insurance company and ask for reimbursement.

It is important to verify if your contractor has proper insurance before you initiate any project. If they are not very eager to verify their coverage, you may want to direct your attention toward someone else.

See if the type of damage caused by the repairmen is a result of their work. Initiate a talk with an insurance agent before you start a home renovation project and be absolutely sure that you have fully understood the terms of your coverage. There are plenty of limitations you probably do not know about. For example, you may not be covered should you decide to build a brand new room inside your home.

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